Saturday Lunch: Sorrento, Marina Piccola


Lunch directly at the seaside, surrounded by small and bigger boats: this is how Marina Piccola could be described in a nutshell. To reach Marina Grande from Sorrento, you have to pass through the Vallone dei Mulini (Valley of the Mills), with a short and steep road connecting the historical center of Sorrento to its harbor Marina Piccola.
Going down towards Piazza Marinai d'Italia and the Marina Piccola
Green, shady and humid Valle dei Mulini
Having arrived at Marina Piccola, you could walk around in the direction of the boat stations, by the way, there is also a small park with succulents, aloe, agaves, pine trees and palms, or head for one of the small trattorie located directly at the beach.
Next to the pier, you can watch the boats departing for Naples and Capri.
You could, for example, enjoy a light lunch at the Lounge Ghibli on the Beach, a bar lounge re-opened in 2012, and you can watch a short video on their blue and white interior, beach terrace and of course their sea food specialities here.
And at 14:30 pm, you are just in time down here to catch a Caremar boat leaving for Capri...
Here is a video of Caremar arriving at Marina Piccola I made back in April:

Marina Piccola seen from the pier

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