Furbizia Mediterranean Websites

Please visit the other Furbizia Websites, providing useful and unusual information on Mediterranean life:

Venice Gardens, Cooking and Life in the Lagoon:
Visit Furbizia's homebase: Venice. This is my Website looking out on the past and future of Venice and its lagoon: I am thinking how to expand on that...
A Garden in Venice

Colorful mediterranean island fashion:
...and Furbizia's Special Fashion and Lifestyle Series Blog Caprimoda, introducing you to crisp South Italian Fashion (labels), colorful cosmetics, fine gifts for yourselves and your loved ones. Together with Furbizia, explore the narrow alleys and paths on Capri, and visit not only shops but beautiful places to rest, garden restaurants and traditional trattorie, the elegant cafes on the piazetta and the quiet places with a splendid view in Anacapri. Just follow this link and immerse yourselves in colorful mediterranean island life: Capri Moda

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