My Costiera Garden Flower Calendar


Spring is just round the corner. If you would like to visit the Costiera Sorrentina, Costiera Amalfitana and Capri with spring blossoms, flowering shrubs and colorful flower beds in your mind, I would like to share with you  my "Personal Costiera Flower Calendar". I have prepared this post to give you just a brief overview of selected plants to whose blossoms we can look forward in the upcoming year. You will be reading more about flowers in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in this Blog as the year develops. Here are some examples of garden plants, the wild plants will be covered in another post.
Groviglio di fiori e piante: this is mid-April in Sorrento
In January, it is the pansies and cyclamen that represent colorful patches of flowers amongst our evergreen plants. And of course, though not flowers, it is the citrus fruits that provide fresh yellow color in orchards here in the winter.
Pansies grow in pots amongst the palm and yucca trees in a Sorrento garden
In February, in protected places, you can see apricot and peach flowers come out. Mimosas and almond trees are blossoming. The odd lilac twig appears.
February mimosa above Sorrento
March then really ushers in spring. Camellias, clivias, judas trees (cercis) come into sight. As a backdrop, yellow ginestra (broom shrubs) cover the slopes of the Amalfi coast.
Pink camellias blossom in late March
Judas trees purple spring blossoms (will be back with a post in late March regarding this tree)
In April, a Sorrento garden is adorned with orange-pink clivia blossoms
April to me is my favorite month here, with purple (and sometimes white) heavy-blossomed wisteria twigs. And it is time for the sweet smelling zagare (citrus fruit blossoms) that I will describe later on this year.
wisteria-covered patio in Sorrento, April
Jacaranda trees come into bloom. The first oleander flowers appear, a gentle pink but also more vivid shades. But also, strelitzia, and the dark red callistemon. And again, the judas trees whose flowers come out directly from its branches !!
Strelitzia flowers - yellow, orange and blue: April in Sorrento
this is callistemon, flowering just beneath a terrace in Sorrento
May then brings back bougainvillea and oleander flowers, roses.
bougainvillea in Anacapri next to the callistemon
June is the best month for roses here ... and for summer flowers to come into full bloom, like tagetes.

July regales lilies, look at these white ones below, next to a wall covered with ipomoea.
hydrangeas and lilies in the foreground
August explodes with the bright colors of hibiscus and mandevilla plants amidst the lush green background

Mandevilla in a terracotta pot; Sorrento
August: Oleander (and Mt Vesuvius across the Bay of Naples, of course ...)
September to me is the month of plumbago, coming back in full bloom just before autumn sets in, at the beginning of October. This is also true for roses who welcome the break from the summer heat.
Blue plumbago
Later on towards the end of the year, the plants get slightly more sbiadite - a little bit more crushed and paler in color. But they still continue to show us their odd blossoms, from geranium to impatiens to roses and even bougainvillea ... and in late Novembers, pansies, violets and cyclamen take back their place in the flowerbeds by the sea.
reminiscent of summer: the odd bouganvillea flowers in November
all hues and shades of green abound in the winter months, on a bright and sunny day

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