Tempo di camelie


A Sorrento le camelie fioriscono: Camellias were brought to Europe in 1692 by the Dutch East India Company, and it seems there is a place in Europe where they take particularly well: on the coasts of Campania. In Sorrento at the beginning of March, the Garden Club of the Sorrento Peninsula organized its camellia exhibition, click here to view a report by PenisolaTV. This exhibition takes place every two year and shows off the most beautiful blossoms from Sorrento and the Amalfi coast.
Camellia blossoms come in all rose colors, but there are also white and even red-white striped varieties. Here are a few pictures of camellia blossoms in Sorrento gardens in March ...
White camellias and lemons in March
Camellias against the sometimes blinding sun of spring. Their flowers are not fragrant but still so lush and really usher in spring here, in addition to cherry blossoms, and the mimosas of course ...

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