Easter week flowers in Sorrento - Hotel Excelsior Vittoria


Here you can see what a renowned park in Sorrento looks like in the Easter week: Next to Piazza Tasso the garden of the Gran Hotel Excelsior is situated, overlooking the steep and humid vallone dei mulini (valley of the mills), a tuff stone vertical wall descending fifty meters down towards Marina Grande. So just down there is the harbor of Sorrento from where the boats to Capri and Naples leave. This is a special garden, interspersed with loggias, stone benches, pergolas and paved walks as well as a lot of flower beds and grassy spots, but also balcony-like outposts that overlook the valley and in part the sea. Many people, though many are not hotel guests, appreciate this garden which is open and very inviting to passers-by. Its wisterias make for purple spots that simply attract people. And when they enter this garden through a gateway, they are in for quite a surprise ... but take a look for yourselves ...
A perch covered with glicine - wisteria; asparagus on top of a stone, clivias !! and ellow pansies - the typical Easter plant decoration in this great park
Agaves, orange clivia with a yellow heart, tibouchina (the purple flowers in the right corner, originally from South America)
The purple tibouchina is growing high like a wall
Bananas growing amidst orange and lemon trees, with clivias growing at their feet
Detail: terracotta vase surrounded by clivia, pink the vase acts as a pot for the geranium blossoms 
The philodendron leaves do not only look huge, they ARE huge ...
A garden combiation of common house palm, orange trees and camellias; you have a marvellous view of the sea frm the stone wall in the distance
Palm grove lined with olive trees, a wisteria forms a purple pergola in the background
pink and orange color themes ...
Details of the banana grove, a flower bed lined with chlorophytum (spider plants), and clivias
Purple cascades of glicine towards Piazza Tasso

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