Enchanted Positano: Una cascata di case


Cascata, colata di case - an enchanted cascade of houses in pastel colors - landmarks in Positano. Here are some views taken at the Belvedere della Madonnina, of some town fractions of Positano. All the way from Sorrento, you pass by this outlook post (see my video) above Positano, before the Strada Statale SS 163, lining the macchia overgrown rocks and cliffs falling steep down to the sea, actually reaches "Il Paese delle Scalinatelle", the village of stairs, as Positano is called. From the Belvedere, you look down upon Positano's town fractions of Fornillo, Calitta and Chiesa Nova. 
View from the Nelvedere towards the Chiesa Nuova fraction, with the prominent dome of Chiesa Nuova in the middle of the Picture. Behind the church one sees the inlet - Valle dei Mulini (Mill's Valley) that sort of divides Positano, with Via G. Marconi connecting both parts. Yellow curry plants, thyme, pines, olives provide a verdant frame.
You can also get a glimpse of the fraction Montepertuso and its hole in the rock high above Positano, into the direction of Amalfi. When you continue driving, you finally reach the bus stop from where Via G. Marconi then leads all along crossing the inlet Valle dei Mulini, that kind of separates Positano into two parts both looking down towards the sea - Fornillo into the direction of Sorrento (to the west), and Sponda into the direction of Amalfi (to the east). 
View again with Chiesa Nuova in the upper left corner, down towards the town fractions of Calitta in the foreground and Fornillo, and the winding, sometimes level Via Pasitea and the church Chiesa di Santa Margherita
It is from Via G. Marconi and the SITA bus stop at the edge of Positano that a staircase leads down towards the church Chiesa Nuova. From here you can decide whether to go down towards the Fornillo Beach on Via Pasitea, or even reach the Spiaggia Grande, the main beach, via a dedalo di scale e scalette - stairs and winding paths.
From the Belvedere, the view widens towards the beach - Fornillo in the foreground, the tiny Marinlla in between, and the Spiaggia Grande is the beach in the background.  Behind the prominent cliff at the end of Spiaggia Grande, the beach called Spiaggia della Sponda is located.
Zooming in on the beach below - Spiaggia Fornillo

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