Anacapri with a visit to a white church


From Anacapri's centrally situated Piazza Vittoria, you take the pedestrian road Via G. Orlandi leading towards the historical center of the village. On your right hand side, after passing the Casa Rossa, you turn right at the next intersection opening up into Piazza San Nicola.
Here, the white church of San Michele was built in 1719 as an important example of the Naples school.
A first glimpse of Piazza San Nicola and the Church of San Michele Arcangelo

Piazza San Nicola is a peaceful place with benches placed at a stone garden wall protected by a huge fig tree

If we walked straight on, this alley would leads us to Via Finestrale, directly towards the old town of Anacapri, the so-called "Boffe"
This church is famous for its mosaic tile floor which you can take a look at via an inventive website I have found: by clicking on the part of the floor you would like to see, this part of the tile floor is enlarged and can be viewed virtually. The tiles show a picture of Adam and Eve being hunted from the Garden of Eden. By climbing up the staircase one could even get a better view of the complete picture.

When you visit the church, visitors of course do not walk on the precious tiles but around a wooden bridge situated at the edges of the tiled picture.

Soon after the entrance you can also take a look at a collection of figures positioned in a side room, depicting la vita dei contadini di Anacapri - the former life of farmers up here in the green Anacapri, between olive-overgrown hills and citrus gardens. To me, this is a very valuable collection that can be easily overlooked as most visitors come here for the artistic features.
An insight into peasant life as it was in the 18th century up here in Anacapri

Costumes lightened up in red, olives and oranges everywhere, terracotta pots

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