Shades of Blue: Crystal clear waters around Mount Vesuvius


Summer days here on the coast, though really "afosi" and hot (it so happens that you will experience around 36 degrees and more, in the shade in July and August) bring with them a blue experience: you have a perfect view of the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Naples. 
A picture taken at 7 am, with Mount Vesuvius just waking up clad in a heap of clouds

At 9 am, the Caremar boat from Capri has arrived, sending more waves from the nearby port towards the beach below
What fascinates me is the turquoise pattern the water makes, due to rock formations or sandy sea bottom. Still one has to be careful with the rocks as they are often colonialized by ricci di mare (sea urchins). 
This is where the ricci di mare like to live ...
Here I am sharing images taken in early August of the sea just off Sorrento with a perfect view of Mount Vesuvius just across the Gulf of Naples. And the dazzlingly blue sea and the blue and green reflections it makes as little waves keep rippling the calm surface of the water in the summer heat.
Take a look at the mesmerizing colors of the sea in the morning, off the Sorrento coast

Take in the early morning view of the sun rays dancing upon the sea

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