Coast Filmcards: Delightful Positano morning light


What I like about Positano mornings is the incredible light, sometimes so bright, sometimes dazed, sometimes twilight-style - light turqoise, misty, inexplicably blue.
A picture to start with, taken after a light drizzle at 7:30 am, that I simply call "THE LIGHT" as the sun rays approach land from the sea
Here are some pictures I took from the Belvedere della Madonnina, above Positano, coming from the Sorrento direction. Nearby, by the way, is a small chiosque selling fruit, vegetables and the reddest chilis I have ever seen. A wonderful morning experience with the ingredients to create wistful views. It must be those dazed colors and the calm and so relaxing atmosphere that may induce people to come here as often as they can. I hope this little film I made can capture this unique coast environment, focusing on the sun rays dancing on the slightly ruffled sea below.

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