The Banana Tree Gardens of Sorrento


Banana plants are an important part of the thick green jungle you find along the coast, in particular in the lush tropical Sorrento gardens. And - they get ripe, you can pick them later in summer, the typical banane frecinette as they are called on the coast. Here are a few pictures of the huge banana plants you find all over Sorrento: as an example, I would like to share some pictures of lush exemplarsI took in Hotel Royal's garden in Sorrento: But of course you would find banana trees all over the coast. Actually, there is a big of an enigmna connected to the banana topic for me: My mother referred to me that she remembered in the 1960,s on a road along the coast, a particular spot, nearer to Positano than to Praiano, was engulfed by huge banana trees on both sides, for a few hundred meters. We tried to look for that spot now, but it seems to be gone?
Banana tree jungle in Sorrento: huge like a two-storey house 
... banana trees against a background of colorful plants like bougainvillea, jasmine, and yucca and date palm trees ...
Banana grove framed by yuccas and palm trees
Bananas with flowering and towering plant make for a lush front garden ...
The jungle in Hotel Royal's Front garden - this is the first impressive view visitors get from the hotel ...

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