Discover Anacapri in spring


If you have the chance to visit Anacapri in spring, you can delve into a wealth of soft green foliage dotted with yellow spots - the Mediterranean macchia flowers, but also the yellow meadow flowers that you find everywhere here on Capri and the Amalfi coast. 
Fresh spring green all over Anacapri
My other blog "A Garden in Capri" has been running three posts on spring in Anacapri: one describes a walk into nature, along Via Caposcuro, amongst orchards in full bloom, and a misty view of Monte Solaro enveloped in the first yellow touches of euphorbia and ginestra (they will be coming into full bloom in late April and May). 
Breakfast at Bar Columbus, Anacapri
Before you start off your walk, you might want to try a delicious breakfast at Bar Columbus located conveniently next to the central Piazza Vittoria. Read more about the menu and lifestyle of Bar Columbus here. And then you might want to start exploring le boffe, the old town of Anacapri, to which I will dedicate quite a few posts a bit later on. 
Spring clouds are moving rather fast in the sky, but it is pleasantly warm in the sun, standing next to the ancient wall: Chiesa di San Michele, located at Piazza San Nicola.
Walk on towards the church of Santa Sofia, and visit the white church of San Michele situated at Piazza San Nicola next to the main route (pedestrian) of Via G. Orlandi. 
Savoring a spring day in front of the church of Santa Sofia. The plants on the balconies are slowly coming into bloom
Finally, take a look (and possibly lunch) at Trattoria Il Solitario, which feels like you are coming home to an Anacapri home and lush private garden which I have described here. Then walk back towards Piazza Vittoria and off you go along Via Axel Munthe, next to vegetable gardens and luxurious villas, to Villa San Michele, the house of Axel Munthe. 
A view of the flower-dotted spring meadows along Via Axel Munthe
Stroll through their garden dotted with a host of colorful spring flowers, from blue hydrangeas and forget-me-nots to tulips, narcissi and the first wisteria coming into bloom. Even peonies start opening their buds in early April. 
The pergola of San Michele - wisteria which is about to flower
A view down from the pergola, towards the Sorrento Peninsula and Vesuvius, which is momentarily shrouded in the mist
And if you are finally tired after walking around all the ups and downs and stairs to admire views, it is time to take a rest on top at Villa San Michele - in a whitish and stylish cafe called Café Oliv, named after Josef Oliv who was a close friend of Axel Munthe's. 
Take a rest amongst the tops of the pine trees ...
... promising yourself to be back soon when it is warmer and you can listen to the cicades and smell the pines in May
Take a long rest and enjoy one of the torta caprese variants, I mean torta caprese al limone or the chocolate variant, plus a caffé napoletano or a fine cup of tea = afternoon tea in Anacapri. It is heaven sitting there next to the tops of the pine trees with a view towards Ischia which you can see here on a clear day.
Torta caprese, caprilù sweet almond pastries, and tea with milk .. enjoyed in an exceptional place

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