Il Maltempo: Driving through magic lights ...


... and the fog and later on the soft and fluffy mist enveloping the Monti Lattari, the backbone mountains of the Amalfi Coast. One must not underestimate the beauty of the light rays coming out from dark clouds after an early morning spring thunderstorm. Probably most pictures of the Amalfi coast in giro show the endless days of sun to which the coast is of course exposed. This is one side of the medal, because there must be rain in spring, so the plants are able to tap as much as water as they can, because the months ahead can be really parching here. So I dare show you a few pictures of a day when the morning was not picture postcard-like, a shining blue, but simply a moist yet warm day starting with a tiepid spring rain, with unreal lights coming out from under the clouds in all directions.
A glimpse of Praiano - Positano is tucked away in the bay in front of us
Here we drive along the coast on a road called "Nastro Azzurro" (the blue band, as the Strada Statale 163 is also called) leading down from Colli di Fontanelle, a fraction of Sant'Agnello - Sorrento, a small village perched 318 meters above sea level, next to the mountain ridge. We still have about 12 km to go down to Positano. 
Up here near Colli di San Pietro, spring takes a little bit longer to come ...
Here we also get marvelous views of Li Galli, and landside of the olive groves, pine woods and Mediterranean macchia that is now blooming all over in yellow. 
Li Galli islands - hidden behind the fence
Li Galli islands already are part of the municipality of Positano, and thus the province of Salerno, they are privately owned, and are part of the marine protection area of Punta Campanella (Riserva Naturale di Punta Campanella)

Here are eufobia and ginestra shrubs covering the steep rocks, in addition to rosemary (already flowering !!) and thymes. And of course the everpresent yellow oxalis pes-caprae flowers (read more about these in my last blog post).
Cloud landscape, clouds hangin very deep over the orchards in this very first part of the Amalfi coast
In some parts, the grey lava stone walls shield the road from the sometimes steep terraces which are cultivated here with orchards (cherry trees, apricot trees) but also vegetable gardens, but mostly it is the silver-leaved olive groves that abound here, until the border with the macchia plants that climb up the steep grey-white rocks.
Here we are half-way to Positano, the clouds are already lifting. Olive groves abound, highlighted by landmark pine trees.
Sun is coming out again ...
And on we drive towards Positano ...
Very special lights, dancing in turqoise spots on the sea
Another glimpse of Li Galli (a blog post will be dedicated to these islands later on in this blog).
Praiano has already sun again ...
Here we are about six kilometers from Positano, this is still territory belonging to the province of Naples. Only short before we reach Positano will we cross over into the province of Salerno, to which the Amalfi coast towns, starting with Positano, belong.
Li Galli surrounded by turquoise patches of water
And here below is Positano, slowing waking up from a stormy night ... amongst mild and moist air where you can still feel the drizzle of warm rain
This last picture for now was taken at a belvedere place which is the place I - like so many others - always stop to inhale the warm and moist sea breeze. This is the belvedere della Madonnina, and you get a panoramic view of almost all parts of Positano from here. The hotel Le Agavi is located just below ...

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